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Aromatherapy Direct Sales

There are a few aromatherapy Direct Sales businesses. However, most people find aromatherapy Direct Sales business opportunities limited and harder to get into and make money than some other ones. Not only you need to like aromatherapy but the learning curve may be steeper than most other businesses. After all, it is difficult to market an aromatherapy product with all its health benefits if you have not tried it yourself or know the medical properties and benefits of it extensively.

Below are some aromatherapy Direct Sales business opportunities.

The Happy Soul

The Happy Soul was founded in 1999 and is headquarters is in Springfield, Ohio, near Dayton. A large number of The Happy Soul sales consultants are located in the Midwest. Products include aromatherapy and spa products.

The Happy Soul startup kit costs $149 for products valued over $400.

aromatherapy direct sales
Lavender Love

Lavender Love is an aromatherapy Direct Sales company that was launched in 2002. The low startup cost of Lavender Love has attracted people who are interested in aromatherapy. It only costs $10 to join Lavender Love to become an affiliate and start making money. This is a great low cost, cheap to start legitimate Home Based Business Opportunity.

Warm Spirit

Warm Spirit is a great aromatherapy Direct Sales company. Enrollment fees start at $99. You can buy jump start packages of either $300 or $500. Warm Spirit is headquartered in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils is an aromatherapy Direct Sales company serving consumers since 1993. Its headquarter is in Utah. You can get started with Young Living Essential Oils company for as little as $40 but to get the most of your money, you need to spend $275 so that you will get many products included.

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