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Question: Cany ANYONE here tell me where I can get FREE ADVERTISING in a national magazine ?

You know a national magazine. Like Popular Science, Time, Family
Circle, etc. I have some coupons that I want to sell to a national
audience. I have an 8x11 circular that I have been using. And it
really works !! I already used one magazine, it is called the
Home Business Connection. Now some of you may know about
advertising and marketing more than I do. Can you please tell me
where I can get free advertising ? Or do you know where I can
get it for dirt cheap ? Please answer below............

Answer: Using one example you mentioned in your question, the rate card price for one color full page of advertising in TIME Magazine, for US National coverage with a guaranteed audience of 19.5 million people, is US$ 255,840.

Most publishers will usually charge an insert fee plus a fee for the equivalent advertising space.

You will not find a legitimate and credible magazine with national distribution that will include your advertising for free, or even for less than US$ 25,000 as a guess. Would you also have the capacity within your business to copie with that many potential enquiries?

You would be far better targeting your circular to those who are most likely to respond.

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