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As the economy continues to spiral downward, jobless rates are rising and more people are facing foreclosure, it is more important than ever to find legitimate home based businesses where people will have the opportunity to make money from home and pay bills. The good news is that there are many legitimate home based businesses and stay at home jobs around. The bad news is that a stay at home business is often masked by the sheer number of scam.

Most people who have been looking for legitimate home based businesses and have been victims of some scams one time or another. With so many bad businesses preying on unsuspecting victims, people who are in financial needs find it impossible to know whom to trust and what are legitimate home based businesses and which ones they should steer clear of. That's where this Legitimate Home Based Businesses website come in, to help people find a work at home job business opportunity.

Our Research Team

Our research team is made up of people who have their own home based businesses and are profiting. They want to share their findings and help others make money at home whichever ways they can. They are also on the lookout to find other legitimate home based businesses that may be new to the market but legitimate and effective. They investigate ways to make money at home such as data entry, envelope stuffing, or home based network marketing businesses. Data entry jobs from home have become more and more in demand as is stuffing envelopes from home.

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The search box above and to the Right is very powerful, kind of like the Google for Legit home business opportunities. Don't be shy about searching for the kind of work in it that you are looking for!

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Your feedback is very important to us. Whenever you come across legitimate home based business opportunities, you are encouraged to share with us. Legitimate home based businesses will be shared through our website postings. It is very important to report any businesses that are scams.

Home Business Solutions Sg

home business solutions sg
Question: (India)Best laptop?

I need a laptop. I'm an engineering student. Which would be better - a Toshiba or an HCL. Or should I go for another company? Please refer the models and the cost.

Answer: dell inspirion 640m


Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo Processor T2250
1.73 GHz, 2MB Cache, 533 MHz FSB
Operating System Genuine Windows(R) XP Home Edition (English)
Genuine Windows(R) XP Home SP2 Edition(English) CD Media
Dell(TM) Media Experience Software CD Kit
Dell Services: Hardware Maintenance (H) 1 Year Next Business Day (8x5) Onsite Response (Parts + Labour)
Notebook Batteries Carry 1 Year Warranty Only From Invoice Date
1 Year Telephone Technical Support (9am To 6pm, Monday - Friday)
Regional Support Within Asia Pacific Countries for Notebooks with 1 Yr NBD
1 Year CompleteCover Programme (Asia Pacific Regional Coverage Only)
Dell Services: Installations (H) Basic System Install (Qty 1 System)
Intel(R) Media Accelerator 950 Graphics Up to 224MB shared system memory
Artic Silver with Alpine White accents on a black base
Internal Dell(TM) 87 Keys Keyboard (English)
Integrated 10/100 Fast Ethernet
Intel(R) 945GM Chipset
Mod Specs Info (India)
Dell(TM) Media Direct 2.0
Approx. 1.2GB of HDD space will be allocated to Dell Media Direct.
This capacity will be hidden and non-accessible.
Dell(TM) Image Restore
PC Restore will occupy some HDD capacity.
The capacity varies with preloaded material and operating environment.
Internal 56K Modem
RJ-11 Modem cable (AP)
65W AC Adapter
Display 14.1" WXGA TFT Display ( 1280 X 800 res)
Memory 512MB (1 X 512MB) DDR2 SDRAM
Audio Solution Integrated Stereo Sound
No Floppy Drive
80GB SATA Hard Drive
Hard Drive Partition Hard Drive Partition, Primary Size 20GB in C Drive, Remainder in D Drive
CFI OrderReady Standard HDD Partition
Internal Optical Drive Internal 24X Max DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive
Sonic(TM) CinePlayer
Roxio Creator LE
Network Assistant Dell(TM) Network Assistant - 90 days Trial
Bluetooth Module Dell(TM) Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945 Dual Band 802.11a/g 54Mbps Wireless Mini Card
6-cell 53Whr Lithium Ion Primary Battery
Dell Light Weight Nylon Case
Shipment Box for Case
Freight Charges Inspiron(TM) Handling & Insurance Charges (India)
Delivery & Freight Charges Inspiron(TM) Delivery Charges (India)

>> Rs: 51,689 /-

dell offers maximum value for money !
checkout specs & if toshiba or lenovo are able to match it ,, decide !
made a mistake somewhere i think


>> System Total (Price inclusive of delivery but exclusive of tax) : Rs 46,571.00

but, processor
Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo Processor T2300E
1.66 GHz, 2MB Cache, 667 MHz FSB

notice external consoles
play music, dvd flicks or view snaps without booting up windows !
> another big plus is the 512 mb ram in single slot, meaning u can easily upgrade to 1 gb at a later date, if need arises

Singapore Business - Home Business Ideas. 623-P2

Home Business Success Kit Scam

Question: What is the best work at home online job opportunity?

I am a single mother to be looking to earn extra money while I'm at home with the baby. There are so many out there and I know 99% of them are scams. Just wondering if anyone really knows which online companies are legit.

Answer: The AVON Opportunity!

The best & worst thing about AVON is you are truly in charge of your own business. Only you will determine your worth & your paycheck so you can truly make a very lucrative income, on the other hand, no one will be there behind you telling you, you have to work so many hours or do certain tasks to acheive your goals. You need to be self motivated & driven to succeed. You can earn an extra $100 a week or $1500, it is all up to how much time you are willing to devote to your business to cultivate clients & sales.

When you join as an AVON rep you are paid solely on commission according to the amount of product you sell every 2 weeks. When you start, you are guaranteed 50% commission on your sales (all core products, 20% on AVON giftables, apparrel, & some jewelry) for the first 2 months as long as you place your order online.

After this time you earn 20% minimum with a $25 order, & up to 50% with a $1550 order, or anywhere in between 30%, 40%, 45%. You are given an intial credit limit, so when you place your first order, you do not have to pay up front, rather it is shipped to you on that credit.

You then deliver the orders, collect the money, & at this point you have your money (earnings) in hand & the money you owe AVON for the products you have received. You pay AVON the amount they invoice you, (they break down the earnings percentage for you), the amount you have left is your earnings.

There are NO quotas, NO minimums ever. If you decide the AVON opportunity is not right for you at anytime, as long as your account balance is paid to a zero balance, your account automatically closes once you have not placed an order for 4-6 weeks.

There IS money to be made with AVON sales & AVON leadership, which is another opportunity AVON offers; you build a downline (recruiting, helping others start their own AVON businesses) of which AVON pays you a seperate income & this is where the REAL money is at!

You can even have your own AVON website & sell products online to anyone in the US.

Currently AVON is also offering bonus cash & incentives & there really is NO better time then to become part of a company 120 years STRONG then now.

After you give it some thought, if you want to sign up, you can sign up ONLINE!!! & have access to your AVON account in about 15 minutes! I have been selected among a very small group of representatives participating in a new online appointing test. You sign up online & your starting materials/kit is shipped to you. You won't have to meet anyone face to face, but you will still have the advantage of having a personal mentor to help ensure your business is a success, in this case me :) So check out my site if you would like to join, as there will be the link & reference passcode needed to join.


The fee to participate in the online recruitment is $20, which covers the cost of the starting kit, 1st month of brochures, & s/h. You really can't go wrong with such a small investment & truly no obligation. I was a former casino executive, looking to stay home w/the kids while they were young, fast forward 5 years later, I now own my own AVON store, & I LOVE life & the freedom being my own boss brings & not having to work the 9-5 for anyone else every again.

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Home Business Scams

home business scams
Question: are there any good work at home business in canada that are not scams. recently unemployed?

Answer: A home based travel business as a travel affiliate and or marketing rep is something to seriously consider. One of the benefits is the 50 percent matching bonus, the $6000 guarantee and the Directors program.

Check out this company biz report showing the first $10,000 dollar dream bonus earners in Canada.


If they can do it, why not you?

It can never hurt to have multiple steams of income.


The economy is tough on almost everyone so having an open mind to new ideas will only increase your knowledge.

Reject nothing without evaluation and accept nothing without examination.

I am also on Twitter


STAY AWAY From (Home Based Business Scams)

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